Timeless Art

the beauty of imperfection

Vintage Berber Carpets

life Experiences

Hand Woven

one of kind pieces that carry their own story

The art of silent writing

Emotions, experiences lived, hidden messages, and heritage are among a few of the things that represented in a Moroccan Berber rug. A canvas created by women, these Berber rugs reveal unique moments of life in their design. Moments that make each rug an original masterpiece. These works of art are woven by hand, knot by knot, following the ancient Berber Techniques and traditions. Fine art passed down through the generations from mother to daughter, a bridge spanning from the past to the present.

Newest pieces from our collection

Get to know the oldest tribes in Morocco

Women who weave, dye and tell stories through handcrafts. Enjoy the Berber Hospitality.

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