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In accordance with the article 22.2 of the Information Society Services, ISS, HANDS AND LANDS informs the users of this web page that we use cookies and other files with a similar function. Here we will give the information about what cookies this web site uses and how to manage and/or remove them.



By using the HANDS AND LANDS webpage, the user accepts the use of Cookies and is conscious of the processing of information for the reasons listed below. However, HANDS AND LANDS shows the information on the bottom of the home page of the website with each new entry onto the webpage so that each user is reminded of this use.



Cookies are small data files downloaded from your device from the website visited and are used to help the webpage analyse and record some browsing interactions of the users on this website by storing data that can be updated and recovered by entities responsible for the installation. These data files are stored on the user´s device and contain anonymous data which are not harmful to the system with quantities that can range from a few kilobytes up to several megabytes.

Cookies are a tool that play the essential role of the lending of Information Society Services since they are used so that a a webpage can store and recover information about the browsing habits of the users of the webpage or of the devise. Depending on the information gathered it can be used to recognize the user and improve the services offered.



The following is a classification of the different types of cookies that exist organized by different categories. Nevertheless, one must know that the same Cookie can be used by different categories. Depending on the

entity that manages the domain, from where the Cookies are sent and what use the information is put to, Cookies can be:

  1. Own Cookies: are those which are sent to the user´s devise from a computer or domain managed by the responsible party, that services are pended soliciting service of the user. 
  1. Third Party Cookies: These are cookies collected from the web user´s devise let to third parties other than HANDS AND LANDS. these are used for different services (e.g. Website analysis or advertising.)

During the time that cookies are stored with the user´s devices or navigators. they are categorized as:

  1. Session Cookies: exist during the time the user is browsing the webpage, are used but one time, and are deleted when the session has ended. 
  1. Persistent Cookies: these cookies are stored in the user´s device for a longer time and can be accessed and used during the time defined by the responsible party, can vary from a couple minutes to several years.

On the use of how these data files are obtained the cookies are classified as:

  1. Technical Cookies: These cookies allow users to browse through a web page, platform or application and use the various options and services on it such as, for example, mapping the transit and the communication of the user, identifying a session, restricted access, remembering important points in an order, security elements, storing the contents for distributing videos or sound or sharing contents on social networks. 
  1. Personalizing Cookies: These cookies allow users to specify or personalize some features of the general web page options, specifically the browsing language, type of browser, etc.  
  1. Analytical cookies: Analysis tool that helps our website to understand how visitors interact with the site. It can use a set of cookies to compile and measure information and provide information on usage statistics of websites without personally identifying the visitors.  
  1. Advertising Cookies: these cookies permit the efficient management of the advertising spaces in the website, application or platform where the requested service is provided, based on criteria such as the published content or the frequency with which adverts are shown.
  1. Advertising Behaviour Cookies: permit the efficient management of the publicity spaces that the editor of webpage lends to the service. These cookies store information of the users through the navigation habits which allows to develop a specific profile to show advertisements. In the end, it is important to remember that the same cookie can have many different uses.

How can I change the configuration of the cookies?

HANDS AND LANDS informs the users that at any moment you can eliminate the use of cookies by the selection of the appropriate configuration for each browser. Although it is important to remember that you may not be allowed the optimal functioning of our website. Below we will show how to find, block and eliminate a cookie, since it varies depending on the browser.

Chrome, instructions:

Explorer, instructions:

Firefox, instructions:

Safari, instructions:



  1. Go to Configurations or Preferences under the FILE menu or else click on the personalized icon on the top right-hand corner.
  1. Click on the Show advanced configuration settings option.
  1. Go to Privacy > Content Settings.
  1. Select all the cookies and data of the space.
  1. A list is shown with all the cookies organized by domain. You can search cookies from a specific domain by introducing the full or partial address of find cookies window.
  1. Once completed this filter, lines of cookies will appear of the web page that was searched. You can select and press X to erase them.



  1. Go to Tools under Internet Options.
  1. Click on Privacy.
  1. Move the sliding bar to adjust the level of privacy one desires.



  1. Go to Options or Preferences depending on the Operating system.
  1. Click on Privacy.
  1. In the History choose Use personalised configuration for the history.
  1. Following you will find the option Accept cookies which you can activate or deactivate.



  1. Go to Settings, the Safari.
  1. Go to Privacy and Security where you will find the option Block cookies where you can adjust the type of blocks that you desire.



  1. Go to Preferences, then to Privacy.
  1. You will find an option to Bock cookies where you can adjust the type of blocks that you desire.



  1. Turn on the browser and touch the Menu button then Settings.
  1. Go to Security and Privacy and you will see am Accept cookies option where you can activate or deactivate.



This can vary slightly depending on the version of the browser:

  1. Turn on the browser and touch the Menu button then Settings.
  1. Go to Security and Privacy and you will see am Accept cookies option where you can activate or deactivate.
  1. You can find more information regarding the blocking of use of cookies in Google Analytics at

Finally, HANDS AND LANDS informs the users of the existence of the online tools that permit the users to detect cookies use by each website visited and how to manage the deactivation.

For example, Ghostery:

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