General Conditions

It is hereby stated that these conditions have been established by HANDS AND LANDS, located in Pº Dr Moragas, 204 3-1 A 08210 Barberà del Vallès and NIF J66837899 for its website




For shipments to the Spanish Peninsula, Baleares, Canary Islands, Andorra and the rest of the European community, the estimated time of delivery is from 3 to 5 business days. For all other countries, it is between 7 and 20 business days. For shipments, outside of the Spanish Peninsula, we recommend our clients to previously contact HANDS AND LANDS in order to discuss the price and delivery terms according to the final destination

HANDS AND LANDS® applies a rigorous quality control of the orders sent out to ensure that the order will be complete, exact and delivered within the appropriate deadlines. The delivery terms are considered accomplished as soon as the transport company delivers the product to the user to the authorised person or as soon as the planned delivery place and time was carried out but not possible through a fault of the user. The delivery address will be agreed upon at the time of purchase. A delayed modification of the delivery address solicited by the client could generate additional shipment fees that will be the responsibility of the buyer. The delivery time is considered fulfilled if the goods are not delivered due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

The merchandise that can not be delivered after two attempts of deliveries to the client from the warehouse caused by reasons not imputable to the seller will be returned to the seller, returning the paid quantities in respect of the costs of the product (shipping fees will not be returned) and without any right to reclaim quantities for future or present damages are they direct not indirect nor under the arrangements for consequential damages or lost profits.

HANDS AND LANDS® will not accept responsibility for delivery delays caused by circumstances that escape their reasonable control and reserves the right to an extension to deliver; examples of such circumstances, but not limited to, strikes, terrorist acts, war, transport problems, supply and production, fluctuation in currency exchange, governmental actions and natural disasters.

Upon the delivery of the goods, the delivery must sign the delivery note agreeing that the delivery took place. The conformity of the client on the delivery does not imply the reliquency of rights to any type of claim or complaint respecting the merchandise ordered and delivered. If you detect any type of damage or abnormality of the packaging, it is an indispensable condition in order to process the return: Make it clear in the observations section of the delivery note of the carrier. Communicate this information within 24 hours to HANDS AND LANDS® to take care of the incident. If these conditions are not respected HANDS AND LANDS® will not assume any responsibility for the merchandise in question.


In order to complete the buying contract, it is necessary to effect the payment. The methods of payment accepted by HANDS AND LANDS® are:

Virtual POS from the CaixaBank: it is this entity that you can directly introduce your bank info and realise the payment through a Secure Server. In order to guarantee the security of the transaction HANDS AND LANDS® uses a secure payment gateway. Valid for all types of credit cards.

The payment will be effected at the moment of the confirmation of the order. The charge will be realised online, to say, real time through a payment gateway of the corresponding financial entity, once the information communicated has been checked as correct. When the payment is placed it is a confirmation that the credit card is yours. They are subject to checks and authorisation by the issuing entity, but if this does not authorise the payment, HANDS AND LANDS® will not be held responsible for any delay or non-delivery and will be unable to finalise any contract with the client.

in the case of denial of payment by the bank entity HANDS AND LANDS® may terminate any contractual relationship. and suspend the execution of the order, notifying the User/Client. HANDS AND LANDS® reserve the property rights over the solicited goods by the User/Client until the confirmation of the entire payment of the order.

PAYPAL: After the confirmation of the order, you will be redirected to the PayPal web page, in order to take advantage of the secure payment platform. Once the payment process is confirmed, you will be redirected back to HANDS AND LANDS and the estimated delivery dates of the product though carriers will begin, followed by the delivery of the product to the client.


Following is a detailed table of the shipments costs that once the product is selected you will be able to indicate the personal address of the destination depending on destination, town and postal code.

Carpets & Rugs Cushions
Big Medium Small Single size
Ceuta and Melilla  70 € 70 €  50 €  14 €
Canary Islands  70 € 30 €  20 €  14 €
Balearics  40 € 20 €  15 €  15 € 
Barcelona and Metropolitan Area  10 € 10 €  10 €   9 €
National (Peninsular Spain)  10 €  10 €  10 €  9 €
Portugal  25 €  20 €  15 €   9 €
Europe zone 1  40 €  40 €  30 €  20 €
Europe zone 2  90 €  60 €  45 €  35 € 
USA, Canada  110 €  90 €  75 €  64 €
Australia, Japan  150€  90 €  75 €  60 €
Rest of the world  150€  90 €  75 €  64 € 



The customer reserve the right to revoke the solicited order within 14 business days from the reception of the goods, with previous communication to HANDS AND LANDS® within this timing, in order to establish timely return channels (order number, manner and delivery address of the return) with the return of the price that would have been paid for the product,  as applied by the Law 7/1996 of January 15 of the Retail Business Ordination, modified by the Law 47/2002 and the article 101 and 102 of RDL 1/2007 that was approved by the Refund Test of the General Law in Defense of Consumers and Users.

In order to exercise the present right of withdrawal, the client will assume the return shipping costs and any possible shipping damages that occur to the merchandise. The return must be realised within 30 days of the delivery date. HANDS AND LANDS® will not be held responsible for returns on products manipulated by customers, or for merchandise that is incompletely returned as for principal elements or well as accessories. HANDS AND LANDS® will process the return of payment through the same channels used by the USER for the payment of goods, once the state of returned merchandise has been verified. Personalised and custom orders can not be exchanged to returned, due to the nature of these articles, unless they arrive damaged or defected. Nor can we accept returns of merchandise or orders that are considered made to order by solicitation of the client, for their special characteristics.



In the interactive process of purchase online the following steps will be followed depending on the options menu registered in the online store of HANDS AND LANDS®: The information facilitated of the product offered to the client: Characteristics, description, and photograph. HANDS AND LANDS® inform that the data included in the information and the photograph of the product are a purely informational purpose. Thus HANDS AND LANDS® declines all responsibility for the apparition of errors within the information, although we promise to take all possible measures within our means to correct within the shortest delay possible to correct eventual errors or omissions once we have been informed of them.

The price of the product is provided: the information shown about the final price includes the cost of the product and the value added tax . TAX-FREE for countries outside of European Community.

The shipping fees are not included in the initial quotation of the price, as they are subsequently disaggregated and explained before the final accepting of the order. HANDS AND LANDS® reserve the right to modify prices, articles, offers and other commercial conditions without previous notice.

The final cost will be communicated to the client in the process of the electronic purchase before the order is finalised and accepted. Any possible discounts or promotional gifts will be freely directed by HANDS AND LANDS® to the designated collectives at any moment by HANDS AND LANDS® or in function of the discounted products, according to the existing publicity of the moment. The acquired product can suffer, through disponibility of the supplier, non-substantial amendments of the components, features and benefits, as long as they don’t suppose a discredit to the qualities and services advertised.


HANDS AND LANDS® reserves the right to be able to offer the user of the Online Store the possibility to reserve a product beadier the completion of the procedure of the purchase, Reservations, and Holding will have a maximum duration of 48 hours, once lapsed without the realisation of the purchase on part of the user, the reservation with be cancelled and the product will become free for any interesting party to reserve or purchase.



As a first step in the formalization of the purchase and sale, the user needs to select the product that they intend to acquire and indicate the quantity of article that they want to purchase.

Afterwards, a window will pop up in which the selected products will be determined, the quantity, the price of the sale, the taxes, discounts, (if applicable) the shipping fees and the total price.



The user can choose the delivery address of the selected product, which can be the same as the one determined during the pre-registration process or a different one.The time required to prepare an order for shipment may vary. The user should consult each article for more information. HANDS AND LANDS® are not responsible for the delays caused in your case by customs procedures when the shipping address is in a third country.



At the moment of making the purchase, the customer will receive in the e-mail that he has provided, within a maximum of 24 hours, a confirmation of the order with the conditions of the acquisition. This document will not be considered a purchase until the receipt of the payment is confirmed. The user must verify the received confirmation and notify immediately in case of any error. Otherwise, the request will continue its natural course. The user can consult at all times the document of formalization of the purchase in the window of the Online Shop.

Confirmation of purchase. The commitment acquired by HANDS AND LANDS® of sale and dispatch of the merchandise offered is contingent on the stock of the announced product and the availability of the same until the end of stock, reason why HANDS AND LANDS® in its commitment to quality and customer service, always try to make the products advertised available.

In the event of exceptional circumstances provoking the end of stock of the product, the order and the contract signed between the parties will be rendered ineffective under this resolution clause, fully restoring to the customer in case of prepayment the amounts paid by the same, without Proceed in favor of any of the parties any compensation for breach of contract, damage or loss of profit.



All products are guaranteed for a period of two years, as established by current regulations. The guarantee can not be invoked for all those deficiencies caused by negligence, shock, improper use or manipulation, or materials subject to wear and tear due to normal use.

Products modified, repaired, integrated or added by the CLIENT or any other person not authorized by the supplier are excluded from the warranty. The warranty will not be applicable to apparent defects and defects of conformity of the product, for which any claim must be made by the customer in question within 7 days after delivery of the products, without penalty of expiration. The warranty will not cover damaged products at the time of transportation.

In any case, HANDS AND LANDS® are not obliged to indemnify the user or third parties for the consequences of the use or misuse of the product, whether direct or indirect damages, accidents suffered by persons, damages to goods outside the product, Profit or loss, or damages arising from a deterioration.



The present conditions will be governed by the Spanish legislation, which will be applied when not under the interpretation, validity and performance of this contract. All parties expressly renounce the corresponding jurisdiction that could be applied and submit expressly to the Judges and Tribunals of the permanent address of HANDS AND LANDS® in order to resolve any controversy that could possibly arise in the interpretation or execution of the present contractual conditions.






This clause has the purpose of regulating the service of online sales of the items offered by HANDS AND LANDS in its online store. The stipulations that compose these General Conditions, implicate HANDS AND LANDS® and the users of the online store of HANDS AND LANDS® that perform an online purchase. These stipulations form an integral and inseparable part of the online purchase and sales contract which is set in place from the moment of the order subscription by the customer.

Spain, Andorra, European Union countries, as well as all countries worldwide,  are the habitual territorial scope of the online sales service of HANDS AND LANDS®. Orders that request shipping to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or any other country outside of the European Union, should previously be authorised by HANDS AND LANDS, in the case of local customs charges or taxes shall be borne by the buyer.

In order to ensure the buyer´s rights and the users of the service of online sales of HANDS AND LANDS, S.L., these General Conditions are established conforming with the re-established Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, from November 16th, by which it was passed by the Refunded Text of the General Law in Defense of Consumers and Users and other Complimentary Laws, such as Law 7/98, of April 13, of the General Conditions of Contracts, Law 7/1996, of January 15th, of Ordination of Retail Businesses reformed by the Law 47/2002, of December 19, Civil Code, Directive 2000/31/CE of the European Parliament, and of the Advice of June 8th, Law 34/2002 of June 11th of Societal services of Information and Electronic Commerce and the regulations that they develop.

In order to guarantee the rights of the consumers and the Users of HANDS AND LANDS® will be ensured at all moments the use of current law, and will be entitled to terminate, in full discretion, the Service or exclude the Registered Client in the alleged commission of some of the crimes or infringement typified by valid Penal Code, or in the case of observing any conducts in judgement that result contrarily the present General Condition of Contract, of the law, and of the norms set up by HANDS AND LANDS® or their collaborators or that can disturb the good function, image, credibility and/or prestige of HANDS AND LANDS® and their collaborators.



As declared under the established article 10 of the Law 34/2002 of July 11th, the following information is facilitated by the titular of the Online Store of HANDS AND LANDS®. The Titulary of the Online Store is Hands and Lands, S.C:P with the address of Pº Dr. Moragas, 204 3-1 A, 08210 Barberà del Vallès, CIF J66837899, telephone +34616481668 and email

The communications of HANDS AND LANDS® and the Users/registered Clients will be made in accordance with the data brought by them when they register with the store. The user expressly accepts the use of email as a valid procedure for all communications related to the use of the Online Store and/or the purchasing of goods.



The present General Conditions regulate the provision of procurement services of the purchase online of the products offered by HANDS AND LANDS® and the publicity directed to their Users and/or clients. All of this through an Online store, as well as the rights and obligations of the included parties of the operations of sales and purchases concerned among themselves.

HANDS AND LANDS® reserve the right to conserve, modify or interrupt any service delivery of the online purchase at any moment and without forewarning, be it for technical, security, maintenance, control motives, or for defects with the electronic administration or for any other justifiable cause.

In consequence, HANDS AND LANDS® can not guarantee the availability or the continuity of the Online Store, nor for the Inline Buying service, so that, at no moment can HANDS AND LANDS® be held responsible in this sense.



HANDS AND LANDS® will not be held responsible if there are interruptions, delays, errors, or dysfunctions with the online purchasing service nor any other general inconveniences that are out of the control of HANDS AND LANDS® and/ or caused by guilty or wrongful actions of the Client/ User of the HANDS AND LANDS® registered or that are caused by fortuitous events or extreme circumstances.

Not withstanding the established Civil Code article 1105, it will be understood to be included int eh concept of Extreme circumstances, as well as, the application of the present General Conditions. All possible events that occur out of the control of HANDS AND LANDS® such as death of third parties, operators or service companies, political acts, inability to access third party networks, acts or misinformation of the Public Authorities, any events caused by natural disaster, electric blackouts, etc or cyber attacks from hackers or third parties that specialises in comprising security and integrity of the computer system, always considering the correct security measures were used according to the state of the situation.

In any case, and for whichever cause, HANDS AND LANDS® will not assume any responsibility for direct or indirect damages, possible damages and or lost profits. Similarly, HANDS AND LANDS® excludes any responsibility for damages and harm of all kinds that can occur by the presence of a virus or other harmful elements that could be present in the online buying service, or the possible disturbances that can be caused to the computer systems as well as with the documents or information storage systems.

HANDS AND LANDS® can not be responsible for the use that a registered Client makes in the Online Stores, not for its passwords or any other types of information, infringements of rights of the intellectual or business property or any other third party rights.

The registered customer of HANDS AND LANDS® is obliged to maintain unharmful HANDS AND LANDS®, and for any harm, disturbance, sanction, cost (including but not limited to lawyer fees) or civil responsibility, administrative or any other nature that could be suffered by HANDS AND LANDS® that keeps the relation with the breach or partial breach or defective on their part of the established present General Conditions of online purchase or of applicable legislation.



The USER recognises and accepts that the use of the Online Store and or the service of the online purchase is at their own risk and or responsibility. Accordingly, the registered Client of HANDS AND LANDS® is obliged to use the online purchase service in a diligent, correct and fair manner and including, but not limited to, they are promising to:


  • To not use the service of the online purchase with an end or effects contrary to the law or moral or good customs generally accepted or by public order.
  • To only use the online store for oneself and that purchased products from the online store will be for personal use or in the name of which they are legally authorized.
  • To not reproduce or copy the products and or the business initiatives of HANDS AND LANDS®
  • To not perform any other activity that could be considered a breach of any intellectual property or rights industrial belonging rights of HANDS AND LANDS® or third parties.
  • To not introduce or spread any information, data and/or false ambiguous or incorrect contents that induce errors.
  • To never use the identity of another Client or User on the online purchasing service.
  • To not reproduce, dispose of or use the any of the contents of published information of HANDS AND LANDS® without the express permission of HANDS AND LANDS®.
  • To rightfully use the online purchasing service of HANDS AND LANDS®, abstaining from manipulating the Store contents or interfering in the computer servers through a virus or other illegal means by Law.
  • To respect the buying agreement once accepted through an order, with the timely payment of the price agreed.


The registered customer of HANDS AND LANDS® will be responsible for any damages of any kind that HANDS AND LANDS® could possibly suffer, caused by or in consequence of any breach of any of the afore mentioned obligations as well as any other included in the present General Conditions and or imposed by the Law in relation to the use of the online purchase service.

HANDS AND LANDS® shall at all times ensure respect for the current law, and will be legitimate to interrupt in its own discretion, the Service of the online purchase or exclude the Registered Client of the Online Store in the case of alleged commission of crimes or offences typified be it complete or incomplete by the current Penal Code or in the case of observing any conducts against HANDS AND LANDS® that could contrary to these General Conditions and or the Law or that could perturb the good function of the online service, image credibility and or prestige of HANDS AND LANDS® or its collaborators.

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