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This spectacular Beni M’Guild Vintage rug represents the oldest tradition of this tribe’s technique. In the back, you can see the great work of Berber drawings and symbols in different colors such as dark blue, crude, yellow and olive green. By the right is glimpsed the drawing of the back being partially hidden by long hair. This piece is made in different shades of red burgundy, magenta and a touch of reddish orange. Two carpets in one as they traditionally turn around in the warmer months. This piece offers two unique rugs as a single one. You can put it as you want.
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Origin : Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
What is it made?: Weft, warp and knot in wool.

2,95 m x 1,74 m

Pile height:





Vintage, Excelent

Legacies of the past

The carpets Beni M’Guild can be found near the cities of M’Rirt, Arzrou and Ain Leuh in the Middle Atlas region. Ben M’Guild carpets together with the Beni Ouarain carpets represent a legacy from the past. These carpets are normally quite dense since this tribe needs to deal with extreme temperatures. Their weavers create a great variety of symbols in their geometric carpets. Although they also sometimes use solid colour without any design. These solid ones are often in a colour scheme of blue, aubergine and red creating waves of hues. Beni M'Guild carpets have great character and an elegant presence.

Travel notes: On the road from Azrou going towards M’Rirt, in the spring, you can see the growing vegetation in an incredible array of colours: yellows, violets, greens and browns. You can often find donkeys parked on the side of the road.

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