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Our “Claroscuro”  is a vintage Boucherouite carpet. It is typical for the fringe to be placed near the entrance door of Berber homes to give welcome, just as it starts to weave its history.  Its weaver began to tell a story painting it with a touch of black but finishing with soft pastel tones. Making the entrance of the home fresh and calm. This piece is ideal for long spaces or hallways bringing a touch of freshness with its originality.

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Origin : All regions of Morocco
What is it made?: Recycled fabrics (several fibers) (warp and weft, wool)

2.40 m x 1.05 m




The term Boucherouite comes directly form Moroccan Arab "bu sherwit". That can be loosely translated to "a piece of fabric recycled from used fabric". The Boucherouite carpets can be found throughout almost all the regions of Morocco. The Berber woman reflect their creativity freely. They also show their traditions from the middle of the XXth century when this technique was developed for family use. In these carpets we can find two techniques: the knotted carpets and the carpets that are woven flat also known as Hanbel Boucherouite. The Boucherouite technique consists in cutting up pieces of old fabric that can be from different materials such as cotton, synthetic fibres, lurex or wool. An ode to creativity.

Travel notes: "I saw a carpet!" These were the magic words throughout all of our travels. Berber woman hang their carpets out in the sun to dry after washing or to air them. You can find them hanging in almost all the villages or near the rivers, their clothes next to the carpets drying in the sun.

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