This amazing carpet vintage of the Talsint tribe is another example of a traditional culture spontaneous art. This part surprises us by its complicated network of diamonds in the raw tones in contrast with the small triangles on the interior in yellow, dusty and violet to bringing visual depth. A point of color culminating in purple in the central part of the network of diamonds. Background color as it presents a range of different shades of peach and powdered rose. All a silent writing only your weaver knows the story told. The carpet has a beautiful patina general by time and use.

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Origin : Plains of the High Atlas, Morocco
What is it made?: Weft, warp and knot in wool.

3,79m x 1,83m

Pile height:





Vintage, Good

Knots and reliefs

Talsint carpets were discovered in the late 1990s. It is estimated that this late discovery was a consequence of the isolation and nomadic life of this tribe. The textiles made by these skilled weavers are knotted carpets, cushions and the Hanbel, hand-woven carpet with raised designs formed by knots.

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