Beni Ouarain Vintage carpet with a minimalist pattern and traditional rhombuses made in a non-symmetrical way.
Woven with brown and ivory wool with brown finished sides. It features a dense construction of excellent wool quality. You can see the glitter of the wool to its full extent.

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Origin : Mountains of the middle Atlas, Morocco
What is it made?: 100% Wool

3.97 m x 2.02 m

Pile height:





Vintage, Excelent

Tribal tradition

The Berber tribe Beni Ouarain or sometimes called Ait Ouarain lives in the Middle Atlas region in Morocco. Its weavers are known for their simplicity and purity of lines. These undyed wool carpets give off a long-haired and silky effect in cream base colours with designs of black diamonds. Once in a while we can find Berber symbols within the diamonds. Traditionally these carpets were used in the bed to protect from the cold winter nights. Each summer they were flipped over. Every carpet is original and unique in its design and they are considered symbols of timeless modern design.

Travel notes: After getting to know the Middle Atlas region of Morocco, we recommend the route through the Tazekka National Park. There you will find different semi-nomadic villages. On the paths of Boulemane we saw how the nomadic women wash their clothes in the river, how the work together to wash their carpets.

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