This beautiful piece dazzled us, as soon as we saw it for its movement of wool and its drawing. This carpet belongs to the tribe Marmoucha, the neighboring tribe of the Beni Ouarain.

Its beauty lies in the perfect state of its curly wool, its luster and movement of it. Its knitter left knotted the year of its elaboration, in the back, you can see clearly 2010.

The marked lines represent the masculine, duality that coexists with the feminine diamonds formed between them. As a peculiar note, his weaver placed a dark brown knot inside the diamonds.

The condition of this piece is excellent.

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Origin : Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
What is it made?: 100% Wool

2.50 m x 2.02 m




The Marmoucha tribe produces carpets of large sizes and varied figurative designs, hambel and cushions. The main feature is that they have a denser base than the neighboring Beni Ouarain tribe and the hair is generally 2 to 3 cm high.

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