Pequeños Detalles

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Our “Pequeños Detalles” is an Azilal vintage carpet. This soft carpet glows with a smokey pink throughout the piece.

The weaver creates simple elements that inspire tenderness. The soft feel and the surprising boucherouite knots on the outside bring a very personal touch wherever you choose to place it.

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Origin : High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
What is it made?: 90% Wool, 10% Cotton (cotton warp)

1.95 m x 1.08 m

Pile height:



Vintage, Good

Traditional Way of Life

The Azilal carpets are found in the High Atlas region. These weavers are set apart by their symbols and abstract simplicity making each carpet a piece of art. They are able to scribe sensations spontaneously through their looms in abstract and geometric designs. To make their carpets lighter and less dense, they alternate rows of knots and fabric. Experts classify these carpets into two categories. First off, the carpets with a natural undyed white or cream base with geometric and abstract designs. Then there are the carpets with red backgrounds. These are inspired by the urban carpets of Rabat. The Azilal carpets have transcended into the artistic level due to the quality of the designs.

Travel notes: The route up to the High Atlas Region from the north was one of our favourites. The lakes Iseli and Tislit, close to Imilchil at 2200 meters altitude are wonders of nature. In Imilchil we were able to experience a small piece of traditional living. If you want to travel into the heart of Morocco, the route on the cliff towards Ait Bouguemez is an extraordinary sight worth seeing. On the way you can see women collecting firewood in the mountains. You will also find many locals that are on the way to the weekly souks in the trucks.

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