Silvia y Sheila

Hands and Lands emerged from the passion of two sisters to get to know the cultures and traditions abroad. The many travels that Sheila and her sister Silvia made around the world were the spark that ignited their love for global artisanal craftwork. In Morocco, they were fascinated by the pieces that they found in artisanal workshops, markets and local stores from different regions.

They saw that apart from the beauty that these artisanal objects that they also carried the history and customs of the place of origin. The small imperfections attest to the handcrafted artisanal methods. Of all the crafts that they found they decided to specialize in Vintage Berber carpets because they were so impressed by their artistic expression and the history that they hold.

Artists like Paul Klee, Henri Matisse and Le Corbusier, among others, were inspired by the Berber carpets leaving their influence on his work. These rugs drawings show full of history. They impact and enticed by his contemporaries tribal designs. Created in any current space harmony between the ancient and the modern.

Now they travel throughout the different regions of Morocco. They carefully handpick their pieces one by one, each carpet, each cushion. They choose “rare vintage” pieces of the Berber tribes of Morocco.

Hands and Lands grew from this idea. Who’ve hands created this masterpiece? What lands do they come from?
We invite you to discover more about our artisanal pieces by travelling through our store.


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