The Tribes

The Berber carpet or “Amazigh” is to be found in most of the regions of Morocco.  Each tribe has its own personalised abstract language. Each carpet is a reflection of these distinct languages speaking through geometric lines, symbols, abstract forms, colours and differentiating elements. This rural tribal art reveals all the secrets of their artisanal elaboration that is passed down through generations, from mother to daughter.

These tribes were able to maintain their traditions and inspirations intact, partly due to the inaccessibility of their locations.  This isolation has left their abstract art uncontaminated by external influences.

Diamond shapes, broken lines, crosses, or stars are some of the motifs that are found most often woven into these carpets.  Diamonds and the colour red symbolise the feminine. Triangles and the colour yellow symbolise the masculine.  Butterflies represented by two triangles that are connected by their points, can also represent flowers or stars, symbols of feminine beauty.

In order to interpret these symbols, it can help to remember the idea that they represent elements surrounding them: paths, rivers, flowers and stars, among others.   Each weaver explains a moment in her life while she weaves.  She is the protagonist and the storyteller of her masterpiece.  Her history is translated into an artistic medium as if it were a form of silent writing.

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