Vintage Origin

We find our treasures directly from the region and country of origin. We know them down to the last stitch.

We pamper them, we restore them and let them shine their own true beauty, giving them a chance for a new life.

Each is a unique artefact created for personal use, so some signs of use and wear may be found. Their imperfections whisper all the history and show a bit the path the came to create this original character and personality. Therein lies the beauty.

When we are passed the pieces we always request the most information possible concerning the history of each rug. We can never know the full history behind these rugs and Hands and Lands cannot be held responsible for the descriptions or specific age of each piece.

 We make an extra effort to describe the state of each piece before sale. The description of each piece is based on our experience and detailed questions when we receive them. One must accept the vintage, handmade state as it is at the moment of purchase.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can provide all the information you desire.

Remember that computer screens and mobile devices can convey the exact colour and original texture of a product. The images may differ slightly from the originals.

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